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Ursus Carpentry & Handyman Services (Asheville/Surrounding)

Subject: Dear Republicans

Say it ain't so pic

Koch Itch pic

Re: Midway Marina : Terrell NC (Terrell)

...."or I'll have you arrested".... pic

R: Keystone XL pic

Keystone XL: Not in our national interest

If you want to Improve the National Economy and Create Jobs...

2014 Was The Hottest Year On Record Globally By Far

Another Cover Up pic

The citizenry are low life scum* (John McCain without Sarah) pic

Not Presidential Like pic

re: When was that? pic

When was that?* (today w/ John) pic

Hey Congress - Please shitcan Lynch for AG! (enough after the Holder fiasco!!!) pic map

Re: 1950's - Present map

This Is Why We Should Fear George Soros, Not The Koch Brothers pic map

The Christian Right pic

Unlimited Ca$h for Kock$ pic

b R o K e N pic

1950's - Present pic

re $900,000,000

Koch Brothers' Budget of $889 Million for 2016 Is on Par With Both (Parties Spending)

Re: Obama trades 5 Al Qaeda...... on the payroll..... (White House) pic

Obama trades 5 high level Al Quaeda commanders away for a army deserte (Bowe Bergdahl to face desertion charges) pic map

What is the Liberal Troll's obsession with Koch Brothers? pic map


Will Franklin Graham catch on ... now? pic

"the man can only ride ya when your back is bent" (by: Sarah Palin & the man)

Rolling in the Deep (Adele) pic

Language Malfunction pic

R: Peggy Noonan (Age: Old 1950) pic

Drone Gate ("the question is")

One Nation under Koch pic

Family Values Tour (Value$ not morals) pic

A Traitor Among Us pic

You're Embarrassing Yourself (again) (+that other guy) pic

Hi Holly in Family Values pic

Interested but not Qualified (slurs words) pic

Is there a doctor in this house? pic

The final curtain (truth prevails) pic

Bye Bye Lady Sarah (speak english) pic

A Republic of Disrespect (Obama's lack of responsibility) pic map

R: Sarah Palin's Bizarre (Where is Obama?) pic map

'Leave it to Keever' ...roflmao! (NCDP) map

R: Sarah Palin's Bizarre pic

What happened in Buncombe ? (2014 Election) map

Sarah Palin's Bizarre Iowa Speech Gets Thanks -- From The Democrats

Boner meets Yahoo pic

ISO B/W Nigerian Dwarf Buck (Powell) map

The Efficiency of Capitalism pic map

Dear Obama Hater - You Just Wasted A Decade Of Your Life map

Funny that Liberal posted image of 1 Republican getting convicted map

OBAMA'S COMEBACK CUT SHORT (What is Obama doing?) pic map

WTF? re: If you want to Improve the National Economy and Create Jobs.. (Liberal Troll is in LaLa Land) pic map

ex-cons and guns

Obama hits the Trifecta today (The trifecta of failed Presidency) map

re: Now THIS is FUNNY !!! too funny! (White House) map (racism alive and well in DC and elsewher) pic map

Now THIS is FUNNY !!! too funny! (White House) map

more tired taxes from Obama & Clinton pic map

Clinton is going to continue Obama's failed economic programs (Buying into Tax & Spend) map

Obama and hypocrisy? pic map

Funny! considering the Democrat party is the party of Convicts! (70%) pic map

The New Orange(s) pic

free full blooded Akita puppy (Hickory) map

Anyone notice how. . .

Justice Dept. to Recommend No Civil Rights Charges in Ferguson Shootin (What a waste of time by Liberals) pic map

re: Puffy Red Face has no Flag pic map

State of the union - ? pic map

why all the pictures in here? (tri state area)

Hillary 2016? Hell NO! (USA) pic

an independent thought (ewing)

Krauthammer: Obama's Tax Proposal is Tax & Spend (Not tax reform.) pic map

re: They are VERY sorry - Fox News corrects what interviewee says! (Thanks for letting us know) pic map

Funny - "Obama's Plan" (WTF?) pic map

re: Islam is a HATE GROUP ... NOT a religion (worldwide) pic map

on TV tonight pic map

Islam is a HATE GROUP ... NOT a religion (worldwide) map

Why we are losing to radical Islam map

Forget about Romney (makes sense!) map

re: Why Hillary won't run ... (white house) pic map

re: Bernie Sanders Unveils

"No Go Zones" (Only at Fox)

re McCrory meeting with President Obama

Help needed. Whistle blower (asheville nc)

Bernie Sanders Unveils A 12 Point Economic Plan To Break The Koch (Oligarchs)

The Road to Plutocracy

chiweennie (greenback) pic map (worldwide) map

Why Hillary won't run ... (whte house) map

Re; Moral march in Raleigh- Barking up the wrong tree.....again. pic

Washington Times: George Soros Funded Ferguson Protests (WHY?) pic map

Ignorance is Strength (U.S.A.) pic map

re: Pipelines in one hour-R-Us (R - Less) map

RE RW Trolls pic

Taxey Keever wants to be NCDP Chm... (Rawliegh) map

Join us at the Moral March on Raleigh! (Raleigh, NC)

Ted CRUZ trumps all for President !!! (White House) map

RE RW Trolls

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